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HEBAN Houses. A little about us.

We build for you!

The beginnings of our company's activity date back to the twenties of the last century. Even then, the steam sawmill activity was related to the production of structural elements for the construction industry. Since 1996, the company has been operating under the name of "HEBAN" as a modern enterprise specializing in the production of semi-finished wood products and prefabricated houses with wooden structures. We have already built dozens of houses in the country and abroad, incl. in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and France.

HEBAN Houses

We build all kind of houses


A bit a about HEBAN Houses.

We have achieved a high technological level in the industry thanks to close cooperation with the Swedish Institute of Technical Approvals SP SITAC, which, after verification, resulted in honoring the manufacturer of HEBAN with the prestigious CE quality certificate by the European Organization for Technical Assessment EOTA. We build houses all over Poland, based on the highest quality materials and the highest production standards. There are no technological limitations, because each project chosen by you can be adapted and implemented in the wireframe technology. We implement investments based on our own and Investor's projects, so we can build any house you dream of! Choose any project and contact us, and we will prepare a preliminary house construction quote for you free of charge! Visit us and we will show you our model houses. Trust us like many other satisfied customers and home users HEBAN

Skeletal wooden houses.

HEBAN houses are durable, solid and elegant, constructed on the basis of proven Scandinavian technologies, dedicated to people who value the health of their own family.

Wood used to make construction and finishing elements provides the most optimal microclimate for the life and rest of the inhabitants. The ecological idea of ​​wooden houses is also important, as they do not adversely affect the surrounding environment and have a very positive impact on the well-being of people. The time of making the house is very short thanks to the full prefabrication of elements and experienced, tested and qualified fitters. All this means that HEBAN will build a house for you in just 3 months!

Many myths have arisen around the durability of wooden buildings. The facts are that timber frame houses are just as durable as brick buildings. This is evidenced by many houses with over a hundred years of history in Scandinavia and throughout Europe.

For the construction of houses, we use only certified materials, because only such materials guarantee the highest quality of workmanship. For years, HEBAN has been cooperating with the best and proven material suppliers. The construction elements are made of certified Swedish wood.