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EDEN Resort & Spa, Mielno

Our cooperation with HEBAN began with plans to expand the accommodation infrastructure of our company, EDEN Resort & Spa in Mielno-Unieście. The contract concerned the building of a holiday complex consisting of 20 two-storey single-apartment family buildings with a total usable area of c. 920 m2, meant for 80 to 90 inhabitants. From the beginning, it was important to us to find a company that was experienced in its use of technology, as well as capable of answering our needs by providing professional advice. HEBAN has performed this task excellently. All work was done expertly and according to schedule, with everyday cooperation during construction always kept friendly and focused on getting effective and favourable results.

Wojciech Chaciński, vice-chairman of EDEN Resort & Spa

House in Biała

As we’re making our last payment we’d like to say thank you for the fantastic cooperation. We never thought we’d have our house ready a year after buying a building plot of our dreams in the Tuchola Forest. It isn’t true that building a house means constant trouble and stress. Building with you was actually pure pleasure at every stage. Also, thank you for your help in finding a designer and other subcontractors – they’ve done their job excellently. We began construction as an investor and a contractor, but we’re ending it as friends.

Julita and Sławek Puciul

“Makafi” Bar in Tuchola

In deciding to expand our bar we relied on HEBAN. HEBAN’s specialists got involved in design works and advised us on technical matters and finishing works. Quick completion was important to us in order to minimize the break in business. After two years of use we can say the wooden-frame building built by HEBAN meets our expectations. It was erected very quickly and is energy-efficient, which affects our maintenance costs significantly. Our customers’ views on the expansion have been very positive.

“Makafi” Bar, Marcin Szweda

House in Mąkowarsko

HEBAN was contracted to build an eco-friendly and energy-efficient wooden-frame house. The company executed its tasks very well: in keeping-up with the schedule and in a reliable fashion. Construction work was organized and conducted ably and in accordance with the housebuilding craft. We rate the end result and the quality of works very well. With full responsibility, we recommend HEBAN as a company that’s reliable, honest and a friendly communicator with the investor.

Malwina and Arkadiusz Jańczak

House in Nowy Prażmów

Our work together went very well, considering that our house was expanded by HEBAN twice. The home you built provides a very high comfort of life, we feel very well and pleasant here – our expectations were met. During winter, the house stays warm for a very long time, and in summer the interior is filled with a pleasant cool (until you open the windows, of course).

Zbigniew Turło

House in Śliwiny

We chose HEBAN because of a flexible approach to signing a deal and picking a design. Construction began and ended in accordance with the schedule. We have now been living in a house built by HEBAN for nearly 2 years and can say we made a good choice. Our home is very warm, has a low heating cost, and visually matches the surrounding countryside.

Kinga and Paweł Tobolscy

House in Chełmża

Due to the unusual shape of the building plot, our house was designed in a very non-standard, triangle-based way. Three times in a row, we were either refused or given a price beyond acceptance by companies specialized in houseframing. HEBAN was the only one to deem the project viable with pricing comparable to standard designs. The precision that was required is reflected by the fact that 80% of the house’s walls meet at different angles. Over a year after moving into my dream home, I can recommend HEBAN to anyone willing to build something more than a ready-made design taken from a magazine. HEBAN didn’t treat the project like an empty marketing slogan, but a genuinely available order variant. Maintained contact, advice, and accepting the client’s “whims” were all included.

Michał Walczewski

House in Jagodowo

At the beginning of May 2011, HEBAN began the prefabrication of our house. A month later on-site work started, and was finished at the end of July – as it had been planned. After several months of living at our new home, it is with pleasure that we recommend working with HEBAN to all future investors. Thanks to great work organization, adherence to schedule, and competence, HEBAN contributed to fulfilling our dream of quickly moving into our own house.

Kasia Żurek, Jarek Jędrzejczak

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