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Nowadays, plastic windows dominate the market. Let’s take a look at the reasons why people choose them. First of all, they are inexpensive. They also have profiles that do not require conservation. Still, this doesn’t mean wooden windows have fallen into oblivion. They have retained a group of devotees who appreciate the charm of natural wood. To help you find out what’s best for you, let’s compare the two types of windows.

Wooden windows are perceived as a luxury good and therefore make up only 15% of the window & door market. They are tight, warm, silent and rigid, making them a good choice whenever a large window is needed. Their wooden frame can be painted or varnished, and it’s certainly convenient that they can have various shapes. A complex production process makes wooden windows solid, while scratches and damage are easy to fix. Wooden frames provide the interior with a warm and cozy feel and work well with other wooden elements. On the downside, it may come as a nuisance that conservation is necessary every few years, depending on protective layers used. Wooden windows are also more expensive than plastic ones, however, they’re very durable. When cared for and used well, they can last even 90 years.

Plastic windows dominate the window market. Their unique construction is a guarantee of stability. They are waterproof and resistant to chemicals. Plastic windows can be white or covered with foil, either colored or wood-like. They are very light and require no conservation apart from cleaning. Thanks to the possibility of imitating wood, they can match practically every house. However, a damaged plastic window is very hard to fix.

There is no key argument in favor of either solution. The choice of window type is usually dictated by economy or personal preference.

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