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When planning the construction of a house or being under construction, it is worth knowing the applicable laws and regulations. From time to time, changes are made. These latest amendments are to make life easier for investors, and the construction is to be more efficient and easier. In the next part you will learn what has changed in the building regulations.

So far, the planned investments required a building permit. Now all you have to do is submit the construction plan itself. This will make the officials have more time to submit objections to the project or whether they will earlier issue a document saying that there are no such objections.

In the construction of economic facilities associated with agricultural production and facilities supplementing farm buildings on an existing habitat plot, no more permission or notification is needed. Exactly this applies to single-storey business buildings with an area of ​​35 sq m, with a construction span no greater than 4.80 m and container dryers with a building area of ​​up to 21 sq m. Until recently, such an investment had to be reported.

The same applies to the construction of backyard pools and waterholes with an area of ​​up to 50 square meters and shore bands and other artificial water reservoirs. From 1 January 2017, they do not require a building permit or a notification of air-conditioning installations.

It will be necessary to report the construction of the building (garages, gazebos and home porches, orangery with a construction area of ​​up to 35 square meters) assuming that there will be no more than two for every 500 square meters of plot on the plot.

The changes also apply to situations in which the building will be reconstructed and whose construction required a building permit. Up to now, the reconstruction also involved the need to apply for a building permit. After the amendment, this requirement applies only to the reconstruction of external partitions and construction elements.

Holders of single-family homes will be pleased with the change regarding the reconstruction of such a house. After changing the application, it will only require reconstruction of external partitions and construction elements. Other works related to the reconstruction will no longer be related to building permits or investment declarations – assuming that the area of ​​the building’s impact will not be increased.

There are several important and good changes for entrepreneurs from the construction industry and for individual investors. The time that the office has to react to the notification of the construction intention has been reduced – from 30 to 21 days. If, within three weeks, the office does not make comments, it can be considered as a consent to the notification of investments and thus construction works can be started.

The Office will also be able to issue a certificate of non-objection to the application in advance, which will further accelerate the construction works. From January 1 it is also allowed to deviate from the provisions contained in the construction project by 2 percent (looking at the height, width or length of the object). Of course, unless it will expand the area of ​​investment impact. Until now, every change had to be agreed with the office so that it would not be considered as a construction license.

All these changes in the construction law will make life easier for those planning construction in the near future. A number of formalities have been abolished, which in many cases significantly prolonged the time before construction began.

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