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Comparison of wooden windows with PVC

22 June 2017

When choosing windows, investors often hesitate between wood and PVC. The windows currently manufactured are durable, pretty, and convenient in use, regardless of their profile and frame material.

Foundation slab vs. traditional foundation

7 June 2017

Choosing a foundation is the first major decision to be made before building a house. It is commonly thought that a foundation slab – compared to the traditional foundation – is a very expensive and complicated solution. But is this really the case?

Floor heating vs. radiators – how to choose?

23 May 2017

When building a house, one of the key decisions is choosing the right way to heat it. We have to pick the type and system of heating. The type of heating is often predetermined by the building plot, e.g. whether or not there is access to gas, while the choice of a system is up to us. This article will familiarize you with the differences between floor and radiator heating, together with their respective pros & cons.

One important matter is heat comfort, provided best by floor heating. Warmer near the feet, cooler around the head – this is the optimal distribution of temperature with regard to human physiology. With traditional warming, heat accumulates by the ceiling, an unfavorable phenomenon particularly in high rooms.

Traditional, yet energy-efficient housebuilding – is it possible?

3 March 2017

Traditional-style houses have been built in great numbers. They can also be made in an eco-friendly and energy-efficient standard, thanks to wood-frame prefabrication technology. Wood-frame houses are solid, durable and elegant, as provided by their time-tested Scandinavian technology.

A single-family house can be build in as little as three months, owing to full prefabrication of elements and experienced, qualified assembly staff.

The technology of building a house with a wooden frame

28 February 2017

Technological progress in recent years has been enormous, including in the construction business. Houseframing is increasingly popular, and its great advantage is that you can build a house any time of the year.

Wood-frame houses are easy to design and build in the energy-efficient standard. We owe it to their core component – a wooden frame filled with mineral wool possessing excellent thermal qualities.

Changes in the construction law from January 1, 2017.

24 February 2017

When planning the construction of a house or being under construction, it is worth knowing the applicable laws and regulations. From time to time, changes are made. These latest amendments are to make life easier for investors, and the construction is to be more efficient and easier. In the next part you will learn what has changed in the building regulations.

So far, the planned investments required a building permit. Now all you have to do is submit the construction plan itself.